Vanishing perspective

it took me three tries to get the perspective right.

it was the last art class for the term for Basic Drawing and Painting class


can’t wait for next term’s Advance Drawing and Painting: Oil Painting! Bring It On! *grin*

as for my #Voltron KeithAndAllura fanfiction writing,

uploaded a new mini-fanfic called

Water Babies

have a good week ahead!


the art of .. shoes?

it’s a shoe in! and if the shoe fits..
so will this art work of..
purple suede shoes? (o.O)


and that was the second last class for the first term. Would like to thank @carersvictoria for taking care of enrollment fee & respite care costs.  Attending art class has been my therapy for dealing with bub’s cancer & my mercurial self. 

as for this week’s fanfiction writing, have updated list of my #Voltron fanfiction at

and equally mercurial Melbourne seemed to farewell to summer & slowly settling in with autumn.

i am a shell

be the shell. mind the shell.
mindfully looked at the shell.
KABOOM! explosion of detail unlocked! hues, tones, grooves (o.0)
who would’ve thought mother nature has a sense of humour?


brought the hell.. er.. shell home as homework.

and with my #FanfictionWriterHatOn

have started a separate blog called

for the ultimate shipper devoted to reading KA fanfiction
written by fans from around the world

finally, uploaded a new fanfiction entitled

Kogane : Prophecy and Legacy

is it because of @melbfoodandwine ? #mfwf

a pumpkin for art class

and #Melbourne is having lots of foodie events thanks to @melbfoodandwine

even @footscrayarts has foodie event too!

so, yes… a pumpkin for my fourth art class



in other news : writing fanfiction.

Thank you to all those who visited my @voltron fanfic page. For february alone, had


almost1000 visitors .. and nearly
2000views?! far.out. (is this normal in Voltron FFN?) *shrugs* #cluelessCubbieIsClueless
*bows deeply* thankyou so much and please, would really appreciate it if you take time and leave a review