Meet my boys from art class!

Advanced Drawing and Painting class is fun and quite challenging! Was told to choose one project for the whole term and i really REALLY want to learn how to draw people, so on Session One, art teacher Darien Pullen showed me his collectionbof National Geographic magazines and I shortisted three pictures :


And the picture on the top was the best pick / pic ! *grin*


Realised that to start with a blank canvass was rather daunting! (0.o) so, with a touch of inspiration i named the two boys in the picture as Lance and Keith (^o^)

and once i was in the zone… BAM!


i had a pair of beautiful eyes looking back at me!

Session Two – big toothy smile

had to get mouth correct


and slowly building layers of colour


once i got the basic layer, will continue to deepen the colour on next session

While on the writing side,

finally finished my first epic fanfiction that focused on #KeithAndAllura of Voltron Force .

Fearless Part 1 *big sigh of relief*

Til next week, have a good weekend!