Aaaaand we’re back!

Thank you @CarersVictoria for funding Term1 school fee for Advance Drawing and Painting at @FootscrayArts


thank you @mecwacare for respite while I mindfully savour / relish and enjoy my art therapy.

This school term, I began once again with daunting blank page *gulps*


My project this term will be “Two Girls”.  But they are not just any two random girls. These two bears are my daughters (ages 7.5yo and 3.5yo when the photo was taken).




And this year’s muse (aka inspiration to draw) is straight from my favourite fandom Voltron, from the ongoing Voltron / Robotech crossover comics. The bright anime-style art by Elmer Damaso continues to make #KeithAndAllura fans and shippers around the world swoon.

Here is my latest anime art selfie (giggles)


Apart from drawing, I continue to write Voltron Force fanfiction with hubby Chris (who continues to draw #Voltron Force fan comics / fanart)

And while our littlest bear has Down Syndrome and cancer,  she was officially declared with hearing impairment late last year and currently required to wear a hearing aid headband.

Both drawing and writing are helping to keep me me sane with littlest bear’s bazillion medical appointments and home sessions with Aurora School for the Deaf.