Because #Melbourne


I love Melbourne.

World’s Most Livable City, fourth year in a row

World’s Friendliest City 2014

voted as having the World’s Best Coffee 2014

I love my city, where I cargobike on its fledging, imperfect bicycle lanes;

I love my my local Twitter community, where we share common hashtags #wefo #Footscray #melbswest and #Melbourne:

they are all amazing and beautiful individuals:

those who cycle and advocate bicycle infrastructure;

fellow fangirls;

those who love coffee and chocolate;

 the local (cargobike-friendly) cafes

and their cafe owners who follow back on Twitter

and their scrumptious local food and superb coffee,

where I meet for tweetups, or have some me-time to write my fanfiction;

the amazing farmers and stall owners at the local farmers’ market.

I love fellow Melbournians, we can easily strike up a conversation with anyone, ask directions from anyone and openly help (especially when I get lost on many of my cargobike rides).

cubbie cargobike


I have all the fluffy, lovely feelings right now, because of all the support I  received throughout this difficult year, that:

despite the current Australian government being a total arsehat 
by reducing carer, family, and disability funding, 
the effects of which we immediately felt in August 
when my respite hours were slashed without any warning;  

despite the threat of Medicare co-payment 
which raised my anxiety and blood pressure levels sky high; 

despite my daughter continue to battle 
the long-term effects of chemotherapy: 
her constantly low immunity levels 
on her second year of remission
from blood cancer;

despite my constant worry that she would 
relapse each time she struggles 
to get better and overcome any infection
And despite all the Twitter trolls and the nerd rage,

there is kindness in my world;

there are beautiful, amazing, and generous people whom I barely even know,

who send empathic tweets and direct messages during my mercurial days;

who are so supportive and even take time to tweetup despite my mercurial tweets.

who showed so much generosity in many different ways;

we say,

Thank you.

And finally, just want to share the art pieces I made this year,

cubbieberry-photo-of-cubbie-artwork-of-her-bears with portrait of my bears (ages 8 and 4)


and an artwork I made for my first fanfiction editor @AHLondonTX

based from a handcrafted teapot by

Sydney potter Tanya Bechara @HopnFrogPottery

Thank you @CarersVictoria for funding this year’s art classes at @footscrayarts

Thank you @mecwacare for finding amazing carers for our smallest bear.

Thank you to my support worker from Specialist Children’s Services for finding funding for my respite hours.

Thank you.